The Players

Here are the most important people in the various  Neptune Administration positions so that you can see know who is controlling the strings in Neptune.

From time to time, we are also going to include names from outside of the administration in order for you to understand the connections and some of the reasons for the cronyism that exists. Meanwhile, keep on checking back for updates.


Elected Officials

Mayor Kevin McMillan

Deputy Mayor Randy Bishop

Committeewoman Mary Beth Jahn

Committeeman Micheal Brantley

Committeeman Eric “Gump” Houghtaling

IMPORTANT NOTE: All but one of the above have been Mayor at one time or another. Because we do not have a directly elected Mayor, the Committee selects a Mayor for the coming year, round robin style; and because of how long the Democrats have been totally in power, we are apt to get some of the same failures over and over again!

You see fellow Neptunians, if a Committee person gets elected to several consecutive terms in a row; chances are GREAT that we will be treated to a previously embarrassing Mayor twice.

At least the Republicans ELECTED a Mayor out of the Committee by a majority vote of the Committee. The Democrats play Round Robin Mayor, rotating by the process of the “next person, please.”

Administration Officials

Municipal Clerk Rick “The Weatherman” Cuttrell

Township Attorney Gene Anthony

Chief Financial Officer Mike Bascom

Business Administrator Phil Huhn

Click Here For The Rest Of The Neptune Administration Cast

Neptune Planning Board

Neptune Sewerage Authority

Neptune Fire Commission

Others Burrowed Deep Into Neptune’s Various Boards


The Democrat Organization Leader

Municipal Chair Jim Mowzcan

The Republican Organization Leader

Municipal Chair Don Beekman

On occasion, we’ll talk about some of their recent actions, be it positive or negative with respect to the community. We might even continue to come up with a few nicknames for them as well!


One Response to The Players

  1. Taxicide says:

    ERIC J. HOUGHTALING – Recreation, Public Works and Marina Utility

    Why is it the union hack always gets appointed to public works?

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