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  1. Warren Lapp says:

    This site seems to be the place to air disputes and grievances. Although most everything seems to be politically based I am moving off topic to whine about Cablevision.

    If you recall, our local cable provider was at odds with the Fox network of channels during the recent World Series. They made a nice offer to their clients encouraging them to sign up for the web service to stream video over the internet with the offer to refund the $9.95 cost of the service paid out of pocket to web. Naturally, like a rebate form, there were a number of steps to be followed when filing the refund paperwork but I faxed everything out within 12 hours and went on with my busy life. The next billing cycle has now passed and I realized that, lo and behold, no credit was issued for $9.95.

    I called Cablevision customer support and after 18 minutes on hold I was told that 1) they had no record of my fax arriving and 2) it will take up to three billing cycles to see the credit applied once they get the fax. I just refaxed it but there’s no way to be sure they received it. I do fax paperwork often for work and 99% of the time they get through as expected. How many people are going to remember in mid-February that they are due $9.95 for the World Series and notice if its not credited on their $200 Cablevision bill? How many remembered it this month? Heck, who remembers who played in the Series? How many consumers feel this is a scam and that unless you call Cablevision (732-681-4100) you will be out the expense? Don’t let these rich cable companies screw you! I realize that actually got the mini-windfall here but they owe it to Cablevision.

    Oh, Merry Christmas to everyone.

  2. Tina Taxpayer says:

    Why are there 8 ambulances in Neptune? Last I saw, Bradley Beach, Wall Twp., and Asbury Park were answering first aid requests. Asbury Park is charging Neptune residents $680. Monoc BLS is answering calls too with a hefty price tag. Why do I pay taxes for 8 ambulances if we don’t use any?

    I spoke with a career fireman last week. He said they have waited on first aid requests for over an hour with the fire engine. They have to wait for an ambulance to come help them. He said they have been in an EMS crisis for a few years now. He also added that they are supposed to respond to first aid requests, but they are under staffed for that. Apparently, according to him, the budget has allowed for 2 extra positions for EMT/firefighter, but haven’t been replaced. I didn’t get into the exact details, and I was somewhat confused already.

    Can we cut first aid funding if we have to pay for it individually anyway? Why should I take a double hit with taxes and a charge for service? Oh, the polite fireman also said the fire houses give the first aids $90,000 per year? So if I have this correct: We pay for first aid and fire in our taxes. That includes 8 ambulances and a paid staff of firemen. The ambulances don’t move, and the firemen respond to EMS requests in a fire truck. Then, the firemen give $90,000 to the first aid. This is a circus.

    After some research, I found out the police have an officer that rides on an ambulance, but only sometimes? I think an overhaul of this system should be considered. When I need an ambulance that I already paid for, I don’t want to wait over an hour and then billed again for it.

  3. Miles Glorious says:

    Tina,why don’t you volunteer to be a first aider?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Last night there was a first aid call at 101 Walnut. The first aid was dispatched 7 times. Finally, Asbury Park fire dept ambulance came to the rescue, but it was too late. The woman died.

    The first aid wasn’t busy, just no volunteers to respond. This is typical in Neptune for a while now, and it will only get worse.

  5. Anonymous, have you reported this to the Township Committee?

  6. Neptune HomeOwner says:

    Neptune Fire does have a paid crew of fireman (that are EMT certified) who work the hours of 7:00am to 4:00pm, Monday – Friday. Neptune EMS is a separate organization from the Fire District and the Fire District does not hire for EMS staffing. They do however provide support during the daytime hours when available. The issue of EMS staffing needs to be addressed from the Town Council.

    As for the $90,000 funding, State law does allow Fire Districts to provide funding through the Fire Budget to assist with First Aid finances. Yes there is a line item for this funding that is split between the three First Aid groups in the Neptune Fire budget. I assume OG Fire budget does the same for theirs. As an all volunteer service and funding limited from donations and/or tax payer assistance, justification for this can easily be explained from just the number of EMS calls that Neptune has in a course of a year. How else are they expected to pay for the supplies, gas and insurance?

    I applaud all that do volunteer but I would have to agree that we are having a serious issue with our EMS answering calls. With today’s economy and many working two jobs, the volunteers are just not available to answer all the calls. The call at 101 Walnut is a perfect example. However, be prepared and not to worry too much about the 90K, it will take quite a bit more to finance this.

    Before anybody responds…”then volunteer”. I do and I have been for well over 20 years, how about you?

  7. Jerome says:

    Neptune Homeowner:

    Thank you for your 20+ years of service; this town is in debt to you.

    Do you think the fire district or police department will be able to take over EMS? Clearly something more must be done. Perhaps it’s the wave of the not so distant future for police and fire to “own” EMS (for lack of a better terminology).

    At this point, who is liable, so to speak, for EMS? Would it be the fire district? It seems like there are three separate entities taking responsibility at any given time. (i.e. police, fire, EMS).

    Do the fire district volunteers have trouble answering calls?

  8. Anonymous says:


    The firefighters don’t have any real trouble yet answering calls. For the most part, they are very good at responding in a timely manner.

    The real trouble is with the fire commissioners. They are running many volunteers out of the fire service. They purposely fight the volunteer companies instead of work with them to solve issues. In addition, there is no system of checks and balances to limit what the fire commissioners do. Most importantly, there is an extreme lack of communication between the commissioners, their secretary, and the fire companies. They are unfit for the job, and the fire district will soon suffer much greater than it is now. This will directly affect the tax payers.

    • ALL…


      We would be glad to post a FRONT PAGE – reader submitted article on the subject if someone would like to research it. You are also welcome to submit it anonymously!

  9. anonymous says:

    Well there isn’t too much research to do…

    The first aid and Neptune OEM get a majority of the money and equipment. Neptune Fire Dept did receive 4 new engines in 06-07, however they are lemons, and have major design flaws. Active firefighters did not design them. They were purchased because they look good in parades. Tactically speaking, they are not set up well. Unexcelled did receive a new ladder truck last year, because their old one was out of service for almost 3 years, and Hamilton’s ladder is a 1978 Mack truck.

    Each Neptune fire company (4 of them) receives $11,000 per year from the fire commissioners; each of the 3 first aids receives $90,000 each from the fire commissioners, as stated and explained by Neptune HomeOwner. The fire dept has never missed a call; they have always gotten in service. The fire companies have to fight to get equipment that is necessary to accomplish their job. They can provide facts, figures, empirical research, and prove a realistic need for something and the commissioners will still not grant it. Often times, the commissioners will not even provide an explanation. “I don’t know” is a common phrase they use at their meetings. This also applies to personnel issues, policies, procedures, repairs, maintenance, etc. and not just spending money. The fire district would probably save money if it was run correctly.

    The biggest problem is that they can get away with anything. There is no system of checks and balances in place. They can do whatever they want and give no explanation or reason as to why; “Because I said so,” is what they can say. Who can account for the waste of tax money because of their unprofessionalism (or dare I say legal fees)? There is a waste starting at the erroneous secretary (who is the sixth commissioner) all the way up to the President. There needs to be an overhaul of the system and personnel in the office and Neptune taxpayers will feel relief.

    I used the word “unprofessionalism”
    Here is one example: Commissioner Shafto shows up to a structure fire with someone trapped inside of the fire (in which a volunteer made a great rescue!) and serves a firefighter with written charges right there on the fire scene! These charges were not related in any way to the current fire. The firefighter was doing his job at the scene (an officer of the first arriving engine and truck), and Shafto walks up and gives him the paper work during incident. Shafto is a member of Unexcelled, but they did not endorse him for commissioner…I wonder why? Shafto also shows up to many fire scenes without proper gear and is no longer properly trained…if a volunteer did that, he would have formal charges, but who charges a commissioner and where does it go? The answer is no where. There are no checks and balances on him.

    Many will read this comment and argue or mock it; however, ask any ACTIVE firefighter from Hamilton, Liberty, or Unexcelled Fire Companies, and they will agree with what I have commented on here. (don’t ask Shark River whereas they are on the “in” with the board of fire commissioners). So you want real proof? Join one of those three fire companies and it won’t take very long for you to see it. Taxpayers money is being wasted, help us volunteer firefighters.

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