Yes, We’re Back…

If You Think We Weren’t Going To Re-Surface…

You Should Know That We Never Thought Of Leaving The Scene…

Especially With Randy Bishop Paying Homage & Endorsing The Union Label Of The Gavel Which He Made The Official Gavel Of Neptune Township.

Randy, Aren’t There Many More Important Things To Deal With Other Than Making Yourself Look Silly & Reminding Voters That Democrats Are For Union Contracts That Hurt Tax Payers?

You See Fellow Neptunians, The Randy Bishop Comment Was A Learning Experience, A “Teachable Moment.”

The Moral Of The Story Is That Now We Know  We Have Two Firmly Pro Union Officials. One The Sitting Mayor; And The Second; The Mayor In Waiting, None Other Than Eric “Union Boss” Houghteling, Who Is A Powerful Union Official Of The IBEW 400…

Now that we got that off of our chest; we must admit in a bit of a “Year In Review,” kind of moment; that we; Neptune Matters failed Neptune…

We failed our community by not marketing ourselves in a manner that would seriously increase our page views so that many more of Neptune’s voters could fully understand the shameless antics of our Township Committee.

We failed to let Neptune know enough about the behind the scenes B.S. that goes on and the pittance our Municipal Employees pay for their health care benefits.

We failed to let Neptune know about the time wasted on and burdens caused by unenforceable ordinances and the excessive bonding that goes on in Neptune.

If ONLY You Knew The Depth Of The B.S. The Democrat Regime Engages In….

THAT, Will Change This Year Folks.

Actually, there’s a few things that will change…

First, rather than forcing ourselves to publish articles on a schedule; we will post them as issues develop. We’re going to concentrate on content over volume. Don’t worry Neptune Officialdom, we’ve got plenty of grist and article ideas put aside.

Secondly, what will also change is our marketing effort. Instead of small, stealth like mailings to individuals; come spring time, we will do much more to promote our blog across town. It’s time Neptunians know more…

What We Will Revisit…

Is our series on “Why Blacks Vote Democrat.” We are still mystified as to why Diana Harris, Ermon Jones & others continue to support a party that talks more than it delivers.

We’ve come across some very interesting commentary from Dr. Alveta King and others in the Black Community asking this same thing. We hope to present that in a very professional manner.

In The Meantime…

We’ll Keep Building Our Archives So That When We Get A Bigger Page View Count, There Will Be Plenty Of Material For Our New Readers To Connect With.

Jackson W. Black

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