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You Want To Know Why We Despise Unions Like Obama’s Favorite, The Service Employees International? Click The Link…


That’s Right Folks!

In Michigan, the SEIU considers the parents of disabled children to be caregivers, siphoning off $6 million dollars in dues from parents who often have enough trouble as it is trying to get by handling huge medical bills.

This is all a scam meant to line the union’s pockets with more dues in order to help oil the unions various political machines.  As one commentator noted under this article, “they (the unions) are nothing but blood sucking parasites.”

One wonders what Township Committee Person Eric Houghteling Thinks About This Ploy To Defraud Hard Working & Financially Challenged Families. After All, Eric Houghteling Is Not Only A Township Committee Person, But He’s Also A Union Member AND The Political Director Of The Powerful IBEW 400 Electrical Worker’s Unions.

If One Thinks That The Unions Are “For Working Families,” This Story Ought To Dissuade You From That False Premise. The Unions Are ONLY For Themselves & For Finding Ways To Pick YOUR Pockets So That They Can Keep Themselves & Their Powerful Democrat Friends Like Obama In Office.

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