A Shooting In Shark River Hills

Hopefully By Now, Our Fellow Neptunians Have Heard About The Shooting On Tuesday In The Shark River Hills Section Of The Township. Here Is The Asbury Park Press Coverage From Yesterday…

Neptune Shooting Victim

Crime Needs To Be Treated Equally In All Sections Of The Town, With The Exception That Midtown Deserves Extra Attention Due To The Need To Stamp Out Gun & Drug Violence That Threatens The Very Existence Of Midtown & It’s Opportunity For Redevelopment. It Is Also Common Knowledge That Much Of That Infiltrates Over To Midtown From Asbury Park.

But Something Is Going On In The Hills & The Rest Of Neptune With Crime, For Whatever Reasons; Spreading Out All Across Town & There Seems To Be Nothing Going On To Stop It.

According to the commentators posts under the above Press article, there seems to be a lot of unsubstantiated theories about what happened with this most recent gun violence in a quiet residential section of the town. Some of the theories are more nefarious than the other. We can’t address those motives without facts, but somehow; we just don’t quite get the idea of this just being a day light burglary with a gun and a getaway car in a section of town where such is uncommon.

Were The Perps Downright Desperate & Stupid, Or Was This More Than A Simple Burglary? One Wonders What King Bascom Things About Violence Coming To His Neighborhood. Who Knows…

What we WILL address is the fact that society in our area seems to be breaking down because of the desperate times we are in; all at the hands of the Democrat Regime in Washington.. Those that can’t find jobs in these troubled times may be turning to burglaries in order to put food on the table and the  Perhaps also, the Rif-Raf & Drug Lords from Asbury Park & other towns are getting more desperate in these troubled times, desperate for funds to feed their various drug habits.

That leads to them spreading their efforts into more affluent areas of the township. Do these various neighborhoods have to become “isolated fortresses” in order to protect themselves against this kind of spreading havoc?

There was a mini crime wave earlier in Neptune, including the Hills where a few homes were broken into along with a whole heck of a lot of cars. Now this ups the ante. It’s the same in Ocean Grove, with a lot of problems there. There was also a mini crime wave in West Neptune earlier this year. And, we’ve also talked about Neptune’s troubling crime numbers.

And Now This Shooting In The Hills.

That’s Troubling Folks & “Something’s Gotta Give.”

What’s gotta give is that Neptune Township can no longer work as if these things are just “anomalies.” We need a Task Force of Police Officers designated to look at these increasing numbers, figure out the reasons and find ways to attack the growing problem of drug, gun and gang violence. We MUST focus on crime prevention before more residents start moving out.

What’s gotta give is that Neptunians MUST start getting more deeply involved in what is happening with regards to crime in Neptune. We need to get involved or Neptune will soon be seen as “Little Asbury.”

Chief Adams Has Been On The Job For Months Now…

It’s Time To Put The Onus For Performance On Him

You think property values are bad in town now. Hell, our vacancy rate is already bad enough. Imagine if we continue to fall past “bottom” as a result of crime.

Now, don’t take involvement as meaning that we all get involved in formalized citizen & neighborhood watch programs. Such programs instituted all across town will only lead to more bureaucracy and more people with egos too big for their britches telling people what to do.

While we all can be looking out for our neighbors and reporting suspicious things such as frequent comings and goings in the middle of the night and signs of gang involvement; REAL INVOLVEMENT to us here at NeptuneMatters has always meant putting pressure on Neptune Township’s officials to see that they develop a real plan to start combating crime that seems to be spreading and getting out of control.

Oh, BTW; A Closing Question For The Neptune Township Committee…

What Happened To The Idea Of Red Light Cameras Which Could Provide Revenue To The Township Which Might Help Release Existing Police Resources To A Crime Task Force, As Well As Fund New Resources?

The Silence From The Township Committee Is Deafening & Residents Are Getting Scared, Downright Scared Of What Is Happening In Town…

And YET, We Keep Electing The Same Clowns That Make Decisions.

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