“Ooops, I (We) Did It Again

Let’s Face It Folks, Yesterday, Election Day 2011; Was A Britney Spears Moment In Neptune Township. Not Only Did We Continue To Elect More Of The Same Old, But We Had A Miserable Turnout.

Word On The Street Is That Yesterday’s Turnout Was The Worst In Years.

D0es Anyone Care About Neptune Township?

From the looks of the vote count across town, which was shared to us by Rick Cuttrel, the Neptune Township Clerk,  it’s our opinion that no voting district turned out in any great sense to support their candidates.

Who’s fault is it?

Mostly, it’s our own. It’s OUR civic duty to get out and vote. Otherwise, we have no right to complain. And let’s face it folks; the weather was down right beautiful yesterday. There was no excuse to to wisely spend 5 minutes of your time exercising your responsibilities.

Are We That Jaded As To What Is Going On In Town That 114 Of Us Did NOT Vote For A Township Committee Candidate?

What’s THAT about folks?

Was it that 114 people could not form an opinion about the Neptune Candidates; yet somehow voted on up ticket races? More likely,, 114 people did not like either candidate. At least 5 more people had the courage to write in a name.

Yup, Neptune Voters Are About As Lame As The Song, Oops, I Did It Again.

And here exactly what is happening folks. Let us refer you to our first Civics Lesson, posted almost a year ago, where we talked about the basis for the development of a “Soft Tyranny”

Civics Lesson 1

A difference of only 640 people decided a race in a town the size of Neptune Township. That’s only 3 Tenths of one percent of the total voters in Neptune deciding on people who run our town.

That’s Sad Folks.

The Voters That Didn’t Turn Out Are Sad.

You Know, We’re Wondering If Randy Bishop Thinks That’s “Un American?”

Or maybe, voters are just too busy working two or three jobs to pay the confiscatory taxes that are imposed on us by the Democrat Regime. Maybe, Republican and Right leaning voters have become so disillusioned & disgusted over some 5 or 6 years of losses that they feel one Republican on the Committee means nothing, or that there is nothing that can be done in town to create a Republican Victory.

In Any Case, Any Of The Reasons Are Bad For Democracy.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not happy that Mayor McWimp won. We’re down right disgusted.  However BOTH the Democrats and the Republicans failed to get voters out this year. That’s called Democracy folks, and when so few decide elections…

There’s Something Wrong In “River City”

Maybe It’s Time For A True Independent Ticket In Neptune

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One Response to “Ooops, I (We) Did It Again

  1. EJones says:

    Yes, It’s time for a independent Ticket to run for Twp Commettee. As a neptune ciztens I’m sick and tired for both parties running neptune. It’s time for a 3rd party to run for twp and get in.

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