McMillan & Bishop Hog The Spotlight

According To The Coaster, The Neptune Township Mayor’s Youth Advisory Cabinet Held A Fund Raiser At The Neptune Township IHOP.


You Guessed It, Randy Bishop & Mayor McMillan.

Ah, fellow Neptunians; isn’t this supposed to be about the Mayor’s Youth Cabinet; not some political hacks grabbing the spotlight?

Was there only one student at the IHOP helping with this event?

Why isn’t there a picture of the students?

Why weren’t all of the students named?

After All, Things Like This Belong On A High School Student’s Resume As They Work Towards College & A Career. For The Democrats, We Thought It Was “Always About The Kids.”

The Answer Lies In The Fact That All Politics Folks. It Only Matters That  People Like Bishop & McMillan Are Working On Enhancing Their Resumes So They Can Blow Smoke Your Way When They Are Running For Reelection.


Come On Roberta, We Know You Like To Take A Lot Of Pictures. You Should Have Supplied The Coaster With One Showing All Of The Students Helping Out With This Fundraiser.

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3 Responses to McMillan & Bishop Hog The Spotlight

  1. Denis says:

    That’s Vetrano the waiter?

  2. john says:

    Who’s the clown next to Bishop?

  3. Ah, That Would Be His Partner

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