Former Mayor Catley Out Panhandling Again

One Of Our Visitors Who Tells Us He’s A Republican, Sent Us A Copy Of A Letter From Former Mayor Catley. Most Of The Letter Is Spent Endorsing The Republican Team Of Beck, Angelini & Casagrande And Was Apparently Mailed Out To Neptune Republicans. 

Actually, We Noticed That Catley Didn’t Even Sign The Letter, So He Must Have Just Rented Out His Name…

We Also Noticed The Same Letter Published In The Coaster Yesterday…

Catley Endorsement

Worse Yet, Almost As An After Thought, Catley Endorsed The Republican Candidate For Neptune Township Committee, Rich Silva.

Something’s Fishy Here Folks…

First of all, wouldn’t Catley want to endorse Neptune Township’s Candidate, Rich Silva; first?

After all, shouldn’t the (supposed) strength of Catley’s endorsement be used to help his own local party?  It’s always been a steadfast rule of politics to strengthen your local candidates position in order to pull voters out for them to vote up ticket.

We Would Guess Then That Catley Doesn’t Have Much Faith In Silva’s Ability To Win.

That’s sad. Though seemingly inexperienced in politics according to reviews from his forum appearances, Silva is a really nice guy, However, he deserves better than Tom Catley as a mentor. After all, the word on the street is that Chicken Catley didn’t want to loose in 2008 with Obama at the top of the ticket; so he bailed on his party and left someone else to the wolves. If you have to use a letter like this to draw

But here’s what’s really at work here fellow Neptunians…

To begin with, the endorsement letter was paid for and mailed by the 11th District team of Beck, Angelini & Casagrande. Just from that alone, you know who’s gonna get top billing.

But there’s that also been a long running story that Cately has been angling for some sort of judgeship over all of the years he was brown nosing Kean & Crew. We strongly suspect Kean new better than getting such a position for Catley.

Locally, Catley’s Endorsement Has Never Meant Anything. He’s A Washed Up, Hack Lawyer; Who’s Ego Is As Big As The Hoover Damn. Only In Catley’s Mind Does Anyone Think That His Endorsement Means Anything.

After all, none of the Catley endorsed Neptune Township Candidates have ever one over the last 5 years. So, since the word on the street is that Catley is only in it for himself…

It Is Our Firm Belief That This Endorsement Letter Was Nothing More Than Tom Catley Pandering For Some Political Appointment So That He Could Find A Way To Butter His Bread.

Folks, the 11th District is pretty much solidly Republican, but Catley’s letter isn’t much of a help in a Town that’s been solidly Democrat due to the failures of Catley & crew to maintain Republican representation over the years.

This Letter Can ONLY Be An Attempt By Catley To Pander For Favoritism From Jen Beck & Her Team. And Based Many Other People’s Thoughts, Catley Is Right At Home With “Show Boat Beck.”



Catley Could Care Less About His Party. He’s Proven That With The His Leadership Skills Failing To Maintain Republican Representation. Catley’s Only Motive Is His Self Preservation.

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